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  Situated behind the Kerala Sahitya Academy. Besides the Disrict Registrar (General) Office, there are
  1. District Registrar (Audit) Office
  2. Chitty Inspector Office
  3. Chitty Audit Office
  4. Sub Registry Office
  The Office of the Deputy Inspector General of Registration is there in the same compound.
  The services rendered by the District Registrar Office are:
  The District Registrar are collectors under Sec.16, 31, 32, 37, 38(1), 38(2), 39, 43, 40, 42, 45B, 46, 66, 68 of the Kerala Stamp Act 1959.
  1. The Registration of Charitable scientific Literary Religious Society.
  2. Giving permission to start private chitties
  3. Deposit wills
  4. Renewal of document writer's district licences
  5. Special Marriage Registration
  Chitty Inspector's Office
  1. Conducting enquiries regarding the petitions against chitty companies.
  2. Conducting enquiries for giving prior sanction to start chitties.
  Chitty Audit Office
  Auditing the Balance sheet of the chitties in Thrissur District which are registered under Kerala Chitties Act.
  Sub Registry Offices
  1. Anthikkad 2. Andathode 3. Annamanada
  4. Ayyanthole 5. Akkikkavu 6. Chalakudy
  7. Chavkkad 8. Chelakkara 9. Cherpu
  10.Erumapetty 11.Irinjalakuda 12.Kallettumkara
  13.Kattoor 14.Kodaly 15.Kodungallur
  16. Kottapady 17. Kunnamkulam 18. Kuttanellur
  19. Mala 20. Mathilakam 21. Mullassery
  22. Mundur 23. Nellayi 24. Ollukkara
  25. Pazhayannur 26. Thriprayar 27. Thrissur
  28. Vadakkumkara 29. Vatanapally 30. Wadakkanchery



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